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This last year+ has been dedicated to family and left me ill suited to immersing into my own pet projects. Have not touched any modding in forever. My apologies to all the generous mod authors that have given me permissions for integrating their weapon mods into my own oddball Weapons Overhaul. Some of those permissions were acquired years ago at this point.




Excited to see that work I did for Kinggath and the Sims Settlements Team is being published as part of the Sims 2 project.  Chapter One of Sims 2 is now available.  I contributed to Outfit Design & Support, mainly outfit mash-ups.  Early concepts are in my Nexus image galleries.


Sims Settlements 2 =




Currently focused on a FO4 weapons overhaul mod I started ages ago. Main goal is plugin & scripting work.  Many weapon mod authors have generously granted me re-use permissions the last few years.  I want to put those resources to use.  New modeling and kit-bashes are on indefinite hold. 


--Update(Oct 2020)-- This project has not gotten a lot of my effort as I have been focused on home & family projects.  It is not abandoned, but will not be available anytime soon.