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Currently focused on a FO4 weapons overhaul mod I started ages ago. Main goal is plugin & scripting work.  Many weapon mod authors have generously granted me re-use permissions the last few years.  I want to put those resources to use.  New modeling and kit-bashes are on indefinite hold. 


--Update(Oct 2020)-- This project has not gotten a lot of my effort as I have been focused on home & family projects.  It is not abandoned, but will not be available anytime soon.




Excited to see that work I did for Kinggath and the Sims Settlements Team is being published as part of the Sims 2 project.  Chapter One of Sims 2 is now available.  I contributed to Outfit Design & Support, mainly outfit mash-ups.  Early concepts are in my Nexus image galleries.


Sims Settlements 2 =