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Seldom-successful explorer of the mysteries of the GECK.
Unsuccessful Blender operator.
Random shitposter.
Crappy mod maker.
I started exploring what happens to Courier Six after the main story line with Yes Man in a fanfic comic.  As a history nerd, and political science/international security practitioner, I wanted to explore what would happen in a society starting from scratch, while making it fun to read.  Please let me know what you think. The Mojave Magnificent Seven: (the first one is bit rough - they get better as you go, I promise!)
I discovered the Fallout universe on the X-Box while on deployment, somewhere around 2011-ish, and been in love with it ever since.  The modding community and your amazing creations have only increased its appeal. 
I reserve the right to point and laugh at your tacti-questionable outfits.  Bikinis don't operate.  I will still admire and endorse your images, however :D
Feel free to contact and/or add me as a friend, I have very much enjoyed talking to everybody out there.


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