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Hello, my name is Nico aka Heico and I'm 25 years old.


Since my childhood I'm very interested in gaming and even back then I dreamed already about modifying games to my liking. I imagined things like uniting several maps of the NFS or GTA franchise and even drew maps of it on paper. 


I was in contact with consoles and PCs very early and always tried to "fiddle" around with their hardware and software. At some point I came into contact with mods and modding and realized that everything I dreamed about is really possible and there are people out there that do such sort of things. 


And this is where the madness began. I got very interested in the topic as an "end-user" at first. So I used mods very extensively and edited a few small things here and there on my own for basically every game that I played, until I found out about the modding community of the Bethesda games and Nexus Mods...


Here is where actually "playing" the games has stopped. Night after night I "worked" tirelessly for hours to get the ultimate mod-build with hundreds of mods, and not only one time. I basically "wasted" a lot of time only to realize that I lost interest in playing the game after several hours. Let alone all the issues and bugs you face when getting into modding of Bethesda games. So I started over and over again and got some very cool and stable mod-builds, but I still needed to realize that I enjoy modifying games more than actually playing them. Luckily I did and finally moved on. 


My first steps in actually creating and sharing mods started with The Sims 2. I really enjoy this franchise and getting into modding of it was not really difficult if you are tech-savvy. The next game I have created mods for is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. That's where I invested more time and tried to "git gud". Here I mainly learned a lot about textures and design. Even tho I'm not really an "art-guy" (my drawing skills are horrible, really...), I could still improve by learning different designing techniques and stuff.  


I was really interested in modding of NFS MW, but the modding possibilities were very limited back then and there is a game franchise I'm even more interested in called "Battlefield". So at some point I switched to modding of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Quickly I realized that the modding possibilities are very limited here too, but this time I didn't want to give up so easily so I tried to get deeper into the topic. As there is no way around coding in this case, I started to teach myself how to code in C# a while ago, and that's probably the best thing I ever did. I really enjoy it! But coding alone was not enough so I got into reverse engineering (mainly file formats) to make the game more modifiable and to understand how things work. And here I am now: Created already several tools and mods for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and made modding of the game more interesting and accessible, especially for end-users. 


Now I am looking forward to the future and I hope that I will enjoy modding for some more years and that I will be able to achieve further success in the things that I'm doing. 


Thanks for reading! :smile: