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I enjoy making texture mods for Bethesda and Bioware games specifically for lesser retextured small items that get overlooked or just don't fit what I feel the style should be (in it's setting at least)


I feel like texturing items in the games I love and that have helped me cope during the hardest times of my life is my way to give back to the worlds that kept me going and to give something to others who also enjoy these worlds as I do.


I want to believe that my retextures bring a smile to their users faces even though I know mine are far from the best (hence the name of my mods) but I am trying (and I am certain succeeding even if slowly) to improve. I've learnt many new tricks most of them accidentally on my own trying and succeeding/learning from the effort, a couple from others using similar programs (I use an old version of Gimp) I still have a long way to go but I want to get there. As of late 2022 I have discovered how to make meshes through trial and error and it's opened up many modding possibilities and is proof that my skills are improving even if slowly I am learning :D


It's been a dream of mine for many years to be able to help on large modding project for Skyrim that people will enjoy though I don't feel my skills are the best yet I am trying as best I can to do some small part where I can. I have since Covid years finished my share of the work on a very large (and very looked forward to by many) project alongside many other amazingly talented people so I am super excited to see my work in full soon alongside theirs that will make many people happy as well as a decent chunk of textures and meshes for other modding projects of other very talented modders i'm looking forward to seeing completed  :D


I am happy to pass on any of the knowledge I have learnt or ask around for assistance on the things I have not if anyone wants to learn how to do modding (Bethesda games at least) while I do not know a lot on some things or I do things differently I am still willing to share it, there is no sense in knowledge not shared we could all benefit from more mods and I enjoy working with other on mods even if it is just bouncing ideas back and forward.


There are many ideas for my own projects across other games even non Bethesda I would like to do but am not yet there skill wise or technical (extracting files from non Bethesda games is harder) to see them through, if anyone is able to work with me/teach me the skills to do these I would be most grateful. (see my requests below) either way thanks for stopping by :smile:


"We made toys mods. We made children people happy. That's all that mattered"




My Current Projects In Progress:

-Fallout New Vegas New Foods 

-Fallout New Vegas Vanilla Foods Replacer


My Projects On Hold:

-Fallout New Vegas Tribal Tomahawk

-Skyrim Season of the Sailor

-Skyrim Glazed Pottery Retextures

-Skyrim Flour Sack Retexture 

-Skyrim Reb's Resource Pack

-Skyrim LE mods porting to Skyrim SE

-Fallout 4 retextures 

-Fallout 4 Jamaica Plain Uniques

-Dragon Age 2 retextures

-Bosmeri Resources project

-Skyrim Beverage Labels retextures

-Skyrim Paper Battle Map retextures

-Skyrim Dreamstride Redone

-Compatibility patch for my Hearthfire Wines SE and the Eating Animations and Sounds mod


My Potential/Future Projects:

-Skyrim Butter Mesh replacer

-Mods for KOTOR and KOTOR2

-Enberbrand Wine Replacer

-Beyond Skyrim Beverage Labels retextures

-Fable Hero Dolls inspired mod I've been planning for a long time


My Current Requests:

-People who have good screen archery abilities and ENBs to take pictures of my mods in use, my own images don't do the textures justice.

-Any good links to free to use texture resources that will work with Gimp (things like leather and wood can be frustrating for me to make from scratch, having some premade will speed the process up a great deal) as I have no access to paid texture resources/stock.

-Any good links to free to use Gimp/PS brushes as I have no access to paid brushes.


I am currently able to take requests these may take awhile due to RL circumstances (life has thrown many additional challenges my way) thank you for your patience if you're waiting on any mods/updates to mods of mine, also due to past trauma I'm very scatterbrained and tend to forget things easy so if I was working on something or we have had a conversation on something to do with mods that i've agreed to work on I may need a gentle reminder in message form.


Is too slow for those who wait

Too swift for those who fear

Too long for those who grieve

Too short for those who rejoice

But for those who love

Time is eternity






Love all things Bosmeri? then please join The Green Pact discord server to talk about lore, mods and projects with your fellow wood elves :D



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