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Professional artist turned hobby mod maker. I should probably make my own farm sim lol.


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Hello everybody! I think it's clear to me that coming back to these mods just isn't something I'm going to have time for any time soon. So! I am now giving everybody blanket permission to finish and remix my mods as they please, with a few caveats.

1) Please link back to my original mods and give credit on your post.
2) Please upload your additions separately, linking back to my original mods so that everybody can have the complete set. If they've completely broken in the current version of the game then you may ignore this caveat. (ie. if you are making versions compatible with mobile or the game drastically changes in a way that the original code no longer functions even if it's slightly old)
3) If you are simply trying to mimic my style and doing things that I haven't already started (ie artifacts, tools, etc) you do not need my permission! All is well! If you'd like to give a shoutout that's appreciated, however.

Unfortunately these mods put a lot of pressure on me and the very constant messaging about them has sucked out a lot of the joy I used to have for this game. :( I am hoping that if others can complete the set that I'll be able to have fun with it again, but also that the rest of you can have fun with completed mods.

Have fun!