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Nexus has deleted all of my mods. If you are looking for my mods I am uploading them to my personal discord (https://discord.gg/kJJ9TaB). I will not be uploading any of my mods to Nexus ever again, as the owner of this site has exposed themselves to be just another greedy thief.

To make matters worse, now a shameless thief named "Smolcasm" has stolen my mod Unleveled Items and uploaded it to Nexus under a different name in order to earn money from my work via the Nexus DP system.

I already have enough stress in my life as it is, being homeless living out of a car IRL. Nexus used to be like a second home to me, but now it's just a toxic den of thieves and scumbags it seems. It's enough to make me seriously consider quitting making mods altogether; what's the point in spending my free time making things when they just get stolen by assholes. Ugh...

Unreleased Skyrim mod projects being worked on:
* Debug Menu (debugging mod primarily created for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch)
* Reforged (smithing overhaul)
* Project Magnus (large magic overhaul mod)

Unreleased Fallout New Vegas mod projects being worked on:
* Skyler's Mojave Express Mod (mod to add costs to the mojave express drop boxes. name may change)

If you can help out, even a little bit, I'd really appreciate it: https://ko-fi.com/skylermodder