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I make simple xEdit edits and patches and tweaks and I am also curating some collections.

My collections:
## Essentials:
- [SKSE and Behaviours Essentials]( (For 1.6.353 Game Version)
- [(SE) SKSE and Behaviours Essentials]( (For 1.5.97 Game Version)
- [Bug Fixes & Optimization (Non-SKSE)]( (Version Independent)
## *Vanilla* Overhaul:
- [Vanilla Quests Expanded]( (Version Independent)
- [Dragonborn DLC Overhaul](  (Version Independent)
- [Dawnguard DLC Overhaul](  (Version Independent)
- [College of Winterhold Overhaul]( (Version Independent)
- [Some Vanilla Locations Overhauled]( (Version Independent)
## Gameplay, Immersion and Animations:
- [(SE) Animations Reworked]( (For 1.5.97 Game Version)
- [(AE) Animations Reworked]( (For 1.6.353 Game Version)
## Graphics, Models, and/or Visuals:
- [Architecture Models Redone 2K](  (For 1.6.353 Game Version)
- [(SE) Architecture Models Redone 2K]( (For 1.5.97 Game Version)
- [Objects & Effects Replacers 2K-1K]( (Version Independent)
- [Creature Models Redone - 2K]( Version Independent)
- [Statues and Shrines with Wintersun]( (Version Independent)
## UI, Interface, Audio, and Quality of Life:
- [(SE) Mixed Interface and QOL]( (Special Edition, 1.5.97 Game Version Only!)
- [Please, Please my Ears - Complete Audio Replacer]( (Version Independent)
- [(SE) Just QOLity Mods]( (For 1.5.97 Game Version)
- [Just QOLity Mods]( (For 1.6.353 Game Version)
## Additions
- [New Followers Pack I]( (Version Independent)


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