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Hello People,                                                                                                                               

I'm just stopping in to give yall an update.


Mod Updates:
The Aug. 02, 2020 updates were the final updates for all my mods, the game will never be updated or changed in anyway that will effect my mods.


* Simply Better Weather v9 (Released 16-2-2022) is the final version of SBW.




 ~~Mod Asset Permissions~~

As of 1-22-2022 all of my mods published before this date are officially Modders Resources. If you use my work credit or a link to the original page is appreciated but not necessary.


Unless noted here or on the mod page, the following Nexus Mod Authors / Members have my permission to use the assets in my mods in the creation of their own work without restriction.

*Some mods may require additional permissions from other Co-Authors/Contributors.


SMB92, JennCave, Cancerous1, KKtheBeast, BigandFlabby, Hozsa and KapGun.



@The Nexus Care Taker Service

I do not need your service at this time, but I do greatly appreciate it.