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I play only on PC. This means that, if any of my mods does not work on Android, I'm afraid I might not know how to fix it (plus, if anyone provides a fix, I have no way of testing it myself to make sure it works). My apologies.





Due to the increasing misuse of my work (such as people re-distributing my crib within their files even though it's not shown on the preview pictures of their kitchen/house mods), I would like to remind everyone that you need to ask and have explicit permission from me before using any of my assets.


Permissions so far:


Anyone else not on this list that is using my assets, is doing so without my knowledge/permission.





Some times I go on a hiatus and disappear. If I haven't been on Nexus for a while and my mods are outdated, you are allowed to make unofficial updates of my mods until I'm back. Bear in mind that this is only applicable if you have already tried to contact me and couldn't reach me.


I'm fairly new to coding (I only started learning some basics to update my mods to 1.4). If you have an idea of how to improve one of my mods that is beyond my very basic skills but want to contribute with assets/coding of your own, I have no problem splitting the mod's Credit with you as long as it's something I think would make sense for that mod and would like to incorporate it myself.





If you try to reach me on Nexus and I miss your message, the easiest place to find me will probably be the #modding channel of the Stardew Valley Discord but you can also reach me directly (Minakie#7516).





These are just some of the plans I have for my mods. These ideas may or may not ever see the light of day.



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