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My previously published mods will remain on Nexus.


My mods work great with other mods but do keep in mind that collections are too much of a wild card for me to support since I'm unaware of patches and other mods in said collection. That mantle of responsibility will rest entirely on the curators.


The only mods of mine that are exisiting on Nexus in any form including patches are as follows:

  • Ennead Banners, Shields, Sweetroll, Septims, Shadowmarks
  • Sovngarde: A Nordic Font
  • Sanguis: An Oblivion Font
  • Anthology Menus
  • Sylgia ENB
  • Astral Aspect

All existing mods listed above will continue to exist here until heat death of the universe. That's the current plan anyway.

All mods I create that are not included in the list above will not be published or ported to Nexus by myself or any other individual.


I encourage modders from international regions to port any of the mods on this Nexus profile to localize and distribute on their regional websites. An example being


Below you will find all my active mod profiles listed.

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