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I'm a musician and sometimes composer, you can listen some of my tracks and projects here.

Since 2017 I'm creating a mod, probably an island as big as Solsteim. It will include a labyrinthic and mysterious manor (home) for the player, a dark clear mood, specific pnjs, a specific climate, some dungeons and quests, customized scripts, nice landscapes, music composed and played by myself, eventually new meshes and/or textures...

December 2018 : For the moment, almost all the exteriors of the manor and almost all the interiors are created, with some pnjs and their schedules. I also started planning some dungeons or places to explore. It's a long-term project. I think I will publish some pictures of this project in 2019. Stay tuned !  :smile:


( I'm not a native english speaker, sorry if I made mistakes)


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