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One of the things I find that really adds to the immersion of playing a game is writing about the characters. This is especially true in open world games like Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4 - three of my favorite games. Currently I am writing about a variety of characters in the Fallout world.
My main character is Fenn Finn-Gall who travels the Commonwealth with his best friends Robert MacCready (Mac) and Dogmeat (Doggo). Fenn's story ... is complicated. He has ties to Fenrir Wolf who is a Guardian of Nature and Gaia (Mother Earth). His body was created by genetic engineers before the Great War. He has the second sight and has lived through many different lives.
Currently, however, he works for Nick Valentine as an undercover detective. He moonlights as the Silver Shroud, and his true work is still for Fenrir. He has a bromance going with Mac and the two of them have an intense and loyal, if complicated, relationship.
I lost a lot of his stories but below are his most current ones. In addition I have a time line that helps explain events in my version of the Fallout World.
The Adventures of Fenn Finn-Gall - Timeline of Events
Current Stories:
Even if it Hurts - The Message - Part 1
Even if it Hurts - Past Consequences - Part 2
Even if it Hurts - Captured - Part 3
Even if it Hurts - Even if it Hurts - Part 4
Even if it Hurts - Redemption - Part 5
Even if it Hurts - The Great Escape - Part 6
Even if it Hurts - The Soldiers Gift - Part 7 


Fenn Finn-Gall
Robert "Mac" MacCready
The Team
I also started playing a new character called Lobo, short for Localized Operations Battle Operative. Lobo is a rogue courser who has escaped the Institute. His main story so far is bis biography which explains a bit about who he is and how he came to be.
Current Stories:
Biography of Lobo

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