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I think I have found my mission in life to fill the world of Skyrim with updated male NPCs.  It's my purpose, my duty, my destiny.   I just can't stand smashed toad faces any longer.   Seriously, it's just fun and keeps me busy, away from thoughts of viruses, crazy politics and my husband being home 24/7.


If you haven't noticed, I have a dry, sarcastic type of humor.  Please don't take offense... I treat everyone with equal disdain.  Kidding... I love you all.



Mixed media artist, but thanks to the Plague and basically all hell breaking loose, I've lost my mojo as well as my business.  Who buys art when they don't have job?


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I also like to write crappy fanfic as purely another distracting hobby.   I suck at it, but with practice, it's slowly improving.


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