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I was born deaf, got my first cochlear implant at age of 2. I went through intensive speech therapy for 13 years with 6 different Speech Therapists, so please excuse me for my bad English/grammars/ punctuation. ETC. After being born, my father who served in the U.S. Army for 14 years and retired honorably as a captain after finding out that I was deaf. My mother works as a supervisor at a hospital, very fair woman. I almost got myself killed few times before I turned 6 years old, (but no visits to hospitals, thank you Lord). I'm pretty much a lonely type person who tends to work alone rather than in groups, loud noises gives me bad headaches. My parents were very well supportive and will not back down, even the hard times back in 2008. SO if you think this is just all bunch of crap story and begin to bombard me with insult comments, don't do it. It's worthless and waste of time doing that. It's a good possibly that i could've report you for doing that. But, lets not try to be enemies and remember this is supposed to be a friendly website for anyone who loves games. =)

I'm just here for to get great mods for my Fallout New Vegas, The Elder Scroll IV Oblivion, The Elder Scroll V Skyrim along with Fallout 3 of course.

My skills are editing an existing mod with textures into my own taste, I don't upload up here without the original author's permission. I'm particularly skilled in photoshop/effects along with posing in the game to make great screenshots.

Always appreciate comments/kudos/endorsements =)

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