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Skyrim Special Edition:


  • PROTEUS - play as multiple characters within one game world and edit items, spells, NPCs and more in-game
  • Skyrim Cheat Engine - collection of cheat functions to add items, spells, or perks and spawn NPCs
  • Phenderix Magic World - explore a huge new world with a magical college, 170+ new spells, new quests, and more
  • Phenderix Magic Evolved - 170+ new, unique spells across many different elemental archetypes
  • Phenderix Elements - unlock powerful, scalable elemental forms and a huge number of dynamic elemental spells
  • Phenderix Arcane Arsenal - harness the power of the elements and unleash fury on targets from a distance
  • Phenderix Arcane Brawler - harness the power of the elements and deliver true knockout punches


*lists are non-exhaustive and only highlight larger projects that I have created