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Color logic for Categories

Red - Cheats and Utilities

Yellow - Convenience and Gameplay

Orange - Environmental

Golden - Experimental

Black - Factions and new enemy types

Magenta - Just for fun

Light Green - User Interface and Main Menu

Gray - Modders Resource

Green - Quest and Landmass, Tasks and NPCs

Blue - Settlement and Crafting

Dark Yellow - Weapons and Armor


About Requests


I do not take requests. You can tell me an idea but please don't have any expectations. A lot of people think the work I do is easy. It is however free.



About Comments


I get dozens of comments each week so I can miss a lot of them. My priorities lie with bug reports and PMs.


Do not use mod acronyms or at least don't expect a response from me. I do not care about investigating what they mean.


Don't ask me about compatibility with XYZ. However you can still post these questions as other might answer it


"Help the mod doesn't show up" - Update your Fallout installation. I will not repeat this anymore. This is the most common case in 99,99 percent


About Permission


Do not upload or merge my mods themselves into modpacks (Collections are fine of course)


Provided that you credit me - feel free to use my assets in your own projects, or port them to

I do not port to Xbox or PS4 do that yourself.


Do of course check if I use other peoples assets and ask them about using their stuff.

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