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Because of a variety of things going on in my personal life -- from my own chronic illnesses to attempts to support a suicidal friend to a shift in my interests (I'm now writing Star Trek fan fiction, rather than making Witcher mods) -- I haven't been able to come to the Witcher Nexus in a long time.  I'm sorry for that.


All of my mods DO work.  If you're  having trouble with one of them, the problem is likely to be one of the following:


1.  ALL of my mods are for The Witcher ONE.  Don't try to use them with The Witcher TWO or THREE, because that will not make you  happy. :-)


2.  Many of my mods conflict with Full Combat Rebalance (FCR), with Flash Mod, and with the Scabbard Mod.  If you're trying to use one of my mods with The Witcher ONE, and it's not working for you, you almost certainly have a conflicting mod.


3.  Occasionally a mod's file gets corrupted during download.  If you're SURE that you have NO conflicting mods, and you're SURE that you're using the mod for The Witcher ONE, try redownloading.


4.  If you're using the mod with The Witcher ONE and if you're absolutely CERTAIN that you have no conflicting mods (because you've never used FCR or the Scabbard Mod), and one of my mods isn't working for you, then you have it installed incorrectly.  Make sure you UNZIP the file and put it in the DATA folder.


5.  Occasionally, rare circumstances pop up.  I once spent hours helping a guy who turned out to have TWO installations of The Witcher One on his computer.  He was putting the mods in the Data folder for one TW1 installation but playing the other one.  We tracked that problem down eventually.  So that was still a case of his not having installed the mod correctly, though it was a much more interesting and unusual case of that than I normally see. :-)


Although I have retired from Witcher modding, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the game, and I hope you have a wonderful time playing TW1!


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