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Until Dragon Age Origins I would consider myself a casual gamer of the puzzle and/or rpg persuasion. Since then I am a regular (near daily, does that count as hardcore?) DA player.
I even devised an exercise routine around DA and the PS3.
DAO sparked new directions for my creative energies. First were a couple of cosmetic mods; I have ideas for 3 more complicated mods but haven't mastered the necessary skills, yet. Then I found and delved into the world of fanfiction. My last creative writing was in college several years ago but I had a character in mind and headed for the deep end with an online novel, "Friends for Life." I am currently working on my second one, "Alenahaella Moritunae" and have some ideas percolating around for a third. I still want to get back to my mods . . . someday. 
I consider myself a dedicated futzer; meaning I like to poke around and figure things out. Sometimes this means I know just enough to be dangerous, :smile: .
Non-gaming related: Mature-ish, avid reader, artist, enjoy a variety of crafts, pretend unsuccessfully to be one of the idle rich, like a good mad every now and then but generally am too lazy to keep it going.

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