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He/Him. Old. I'm an autistic, disabled American F&SF author living in the mountains in the Philippines with my (also American) girlfriend, and our baby daughter, who was born during lockdown.


In addition to being an author, I have been a professional: Soldier, Rock Singer, Guitarist, Construction Worker, Singing Telegram Messenger, Disc Jockey, MC, Sound Engineer, Baker, Generator and Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic, Bouncer, Light Tech, Comic Writer, LARP Writer, Salesman, Mobile DJ/Sound and Lighting Company Manager, Call Center Supervisor... And probably several things I forgot.


In other words, I have failed at (or bailed on) a wide variety of careers. :laugh:


Never let anyone tell you that video games are not important media. Gaming is one of the things that helped me through the deaths of my sons. I could not save my boys, but I could become the Dragonborn, or Commander Shepard, or the Hero of Ferelden, or Courier Six, or the Sole Survivor, etc., and save a virtual world. Video games allowed me a respite from grief.


And because people have been asking about our current situation: We're kind of in a bind, in a developing nation, and trapped between two countries due to both COVID (which I am recovering from), and a snafu on our daughter's birth certificate. For details and ways to help out, see my blog post about the situation.

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