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Hello! I'm Ella, and I've been modding Skyrim for the last 7 years or so.

I enjoy making new characters that look unique in the game.

You can follow me on twitter for updates.



Mods I use for TES: Skyrim Special Edition 

Meshes and Textures:  CBBE 3BA for female bodies + custom skin textures.

SAM Light + Dizona Face for SAM Light for all male characters.

  ENB: Mythical Rudy ENB for gameplay, Silent Horizons ENB for screenshots.

Rudy ENB for Cathedral.



You're more than welcome to contact me for info or questions about my mods. However, I do not take requests.


Please note that trolling and/or insulting will not be tolerated AT ALL, you will be banned permanently from all my mods as well as PM.