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Greetings Ladies and Gentelman

I'm just a player, I like kenshi and I wanted to turn this game more into what this game could be with my fixes. Fixes for the game are optional from each other or in nice thematic packages,

i also offer a lot of QoL tweaks and changes in similar style

Personally it just benefit me more to have community feedback when working on mods, i simply wanna use best mods for the game, so some of them takes ages to make

For the Sake of being more open and nice, here is my mod index

Information about mod state and all the releases and planned mods

Balance of the game is very important for me so i ' m doing my best to make sure i do not shift meta too badly in any of my mods


My currently best 3 mods:


Pathfinding fix

Animations https:

 you can find me on Kenshi community discord:


My other project: Kenshi Calculator (all mechanic reverse engineered in form of excel tables)




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