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I mostly make patches or mods to facilitate a specific roleplay, but there are exceptions. 


If I am ever offline for 6 months or more, consider all of my mods open permissions as far as the permissions of any base mods allow



My Todo List (Am doing, probably will do, probably won't do):

  1. Crossbow integration- my way
  2. A custom NordwarUA merged plugin
  3. MLU weapon edits only so I can use it with OWL
  4. OWL Tweaks
  5. A plugin to distribute minutemen armour how I think it ought to be done
  6. Simonrim unbalanced tweaks
  7. Banditr resurgence patch- this will take like 5 minutes in nifskope I jsut have loads of stuff that I need to do
  8. Relocated CC content
  9. Capital of the Pale- COTN Dawnstar

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