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I'm a newbie modder and now a Monster Hunter World streamer who is passionate about his own new projects and always excited to face new challenges in which others can benefit as well! I always try my best to bring quality to my work, and i'm willing to go great lengths to achieve the vision in my head

I do jump into small modding projects from time to time and I also like taking pictures of my mixed layered sets, combining both in-game armor parts and modded armors parts, from my mods or other author's mods.


Please do:

  • Express your opinion to me. I like receiving feedback of my work, be it positive or negative. As long as it is constructive and well founded.
  • Talk to me where there is an issue with a mod. I'll act to solve it as soon as I can.
  • Ask for modding help on private. I like helping in whatever way I can
  • Share your creations with me, even if it's not related to any of my mods.
  • Being levelheaded and prudent in general. By all means. Is a quality I personally admire in others.


Please don't:

  • Neglect to read the mod page description. I take my time to carefully write them in the clearest way possible, for your comfort. It might answer most of your questions related to my mods. Read it before asking.
  • Ask off topic questions. Bug trackers are for bugs, post on the mod page are for posts related to the mod itself. DM's are for personal matters and inquiries. 
  • Repeat questions or inquiries that have been already asked. Can you imagine having to repeat the same conversations you had early with another person everyday? Well, it feels like that. Make an effort to search if your question was previously answered. I'm not a broken record.
  • Being fussy and stating your opinions as facts. There's a difference between "this feature is annoying" and "this feature doesn't suit my liking". You are not the center of the world, buddy. Nobody is.
  • Being toxic towards me or anyone in the posts page who's in good behaviour. That is an automatic ban from my mods. No questions asked, no second chances.


With all that said... 

I hope you enjoy my content, and as always