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These are the characters I use in any RPG, most especially TES games. These were written when I was a kid, and I honestly think it's still cool. :geek:


I have your typical Imperial Paladin: Dralen Arclight. Always seeking the righteous path and slaying monsters in between. Not to mention being great with the townsfolk AND the captain of the Imperial Legion! (through mods). As the Hero of Kvatch, the Champion of the Arena, and the leader of both the Fighters and Mages Guild, he also sidelines (secretly) as a Vampire and Bounty Hunter (mods) and hunts scum he wouldn't want to arrest. Each passing day for the criminals with Dralen around is yet another day where criminals struggle to hide and survive. As if they needed more heroes. Talos is proud.


Now we have the Redguard Assassin and Thief: Ethon Gramin. Never afraid to use every illegal action to rise to infamy, this Redguard seeks his father, who disappeared while working for the Thieves Guild. Now as the Dark Brotherhood's Listener, he moved towards secretly funding his murderous organization using the same guild that lost his father, the Thieves Guild. Now as the new Gray Fox and with the protection of his assassins and the provisions of his thieves, he is all but untouchable.


And last but not the least: the prodigy turned psychopath, young Breton Serven Lanthos only wanted everyone to see that age was not the question when it came to magical prowess. But no one, especially the Mages Guild, took him seriously. Nonetheless he joined their petty guild and did their obnoxious tasks...until it was time to face Mannimarco. This outcast...this outlaw...this necromancer whom everyone were told to hate, understood young Serven. Mannimarco showed his true form (mod) and invited Serven to joining his covenant; an invitation he would not hesitate to accept. The Mages Guild trembles.


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