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Essay on "My Role in the World"


Why do we come into this world? What is our true purpose? These questions have always worried man. Many great philosophers and writers since time immemorial have tried to find answers, but each genius had his own. I see the reason for this outcome in the fact that we all see our role in this life differently and sometimes find meaning in completely different things. 


So, for me, the main thing is to use walk my earthly path with dignity. So that, looking back, I would not be ashamed of my deeds. So that I would have enough strength not to deny my moral values and not to betray those high moral ideals that were laid down in me by my parents. 



Of course, I would like to type papers for money leave my mark on this life, but I am not looking to play any global role. I do not set myself the goal of making a great scientific discovery or gaining worldwide popularity. Still, it would be nice to know that my actions have been beneficial to someone, to bring joy to him or her.


Perhaps it would be just good deeds that went for the benefit of people, or a useful necessary profession, such as a teacher or a psychologist. This is exactly the role I write my capstone project see myself in the future. 



Perhaps I will also be able to pass on the experience and knowledge accumulated over the course of my life to my children in order to help them to master themselves in this world and find their destination in it. In this way, a part of me will forever remain with them and exist in their hearts, filling my stay on this earth with valuable meaning.


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