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I know now BHUNP is kinda something of a nich, i can see the 3 to 10x more downloads for the 3BA version of the same armor, but 3BA only have more vertices on boob area while BHUNP got much more vertices in the rest of the body, and i like thicc butt, tights and calves, having more vertices help to reduce spiky vertices, clipping in clothes, and to have more noticeable muscle mesh details, so thats why im sticking to it, because thats what works for me and the amount of boob vertices is still very high even if its lower than 3BA.

when i modify others work, being bodyslide files or so, my files are intentionally incomplete mods, sharing only the modified files and leave as requisite the original file (as long as its posible), to respect original mod authors, and to not steal them a download or a view, so people gotta go to their download page, knowing their work and who the original author is (free publicity, more views, more traffic, and more downloads to them), so if you're an original mod author please don't get mad with me if i mod your mod, see it as a tribute, im a huge fan of yours and really love your work, if that wasnt the case i didnt even bother in waste my time in it at all.

Follow me on twitter where i post free bodyslide convertions of outfits from other websites that you will not find here