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Steam Profile: Knightwalker Battletag: Knightwalker#6443
EA Origin ID: knightwalker6443
Uplay: theknightwalker
Twitch: knightwalker41
Elder Scrolls Online: @theknightwalker
Star Wars The Old Republic: On 'The Harbinger' Server
Rockstar Games Social Club: knightwalker41
Google Play Gamer ID: Knightwalker6443
Pokemon Go: TheKnightwalker, Team Mystic (Blue)
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 5069 3986 2092
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I've pretty much done everything I wanted to... caught 6x Pikachus in Pokemon Go without cheats or exploits, visit Japan, visit Disneyland, get a hug & photo with Lucy Lawless, see 1/3 of Monty Python (John Cleese and Eric Idle) together in a live show, and get married to a beautiful and amazing woman :smile:

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