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After 'some' misconceptions with my prior online Nexus bio, I have edited this page to be somewhat more meme worthy. Therefore, I am now a Kekistan immigrant to the USA (Kekistan is not a real country). Our leader is El Presidente Sargon of Akkad, Fuhrer and Founder of the Radical Centrist. Our country is a beautiful place filled with our national animals... Peppe the Frogs. Yes, this a parody of identity politics and not to be taken seriously.


In reality, I am what you would call a Centrist who avoids the insanely bat-shit crazy Ultra Left and Ultra Right of the US political spectrum whose internal politics are stunningly toxic. While I do accept individual liberties towards religion, note that I myself am an atheist. 


On Nexus, JCDenton2012 is my official internet persona where I contribute world cell designs to the game. Feel free to peruse my wares as you deem necessary. You are free to use anything that I upload as you see fit without asking me. However, if you want to ask me for permissions go right ahead since I check the site daily. 


I also do 'some' freelance writing, and you can find my personal blog here

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