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The Historic Casino Hall was worked in 1881 by the Casino Society, a social club established in 1858 by a gathering of German outsiders in La Grange. The term club in this setting doesn't address a position of betting, but instead a get-together spot for social undertakings. The ë©ë¦¬í¸ì¹´ì§ë¸  workers framed the general public so they could meet up with other people who shared their language, customs and pursuits in this new weird land. 
In the wake of growing out of their first gathering place, a wooden design which was inherent 1858, the Casino Society raised $12,000 to construct the Historic Casino Hall. The two-story block building was built to fill in as a presentation corridor, gathering spot and school. Albeit the Casino Society was initially settled for Germans just, throughout the long term the bias between the German outsiders and Americans blurred. When the Casino Hall was underlying 1881 it was utilized by the whole joined La Grange people group. 

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