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Hello, I'm NDP, a latin american 3D artist

I'm an artist striving to make original high quality art

I put a lot of effort into perfecting my art into the best it can possibly be!


I make my art exclusively with free software, with the hopes to create and improve art techniques that anyone can access, without having to use expensive software only available in first world countries.


My main tool is Blender, which I use for practically everything, a wonderful free software.


Hi! I strive to create high-effort and high quality content. If you want see more of my art and support me, you can follow me on these links
I only post art so don't worry about getting spammed with unrelated stuff :smile:






If you wish to support me, you can donate to me on the link down bellow. All donations go towards improving my computer setup so I can make better sculpts and art :smile: 
Every bit helps! So much thanks to those who have supported me, I really couldn't afford to do what I do without you!




Don't feel pressured to donate, only do it if you're doing economically well. I will keep working on my art, though it does take me a long time to finish it!


If you are interested in commissioning me, you can message me here or on discord at @ndp, I can make basically anything!

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