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Hello everyone, this account belonged to my grandfather Roy. It pains me greatly to say that he passed away on the 12th of January 2020 of a heart attack.

I’m putting this here to say that he was immensely grateful for people downloading, sharing, and liking his mods. He was a brilliant man with the finest sense of humour and banter ever, he was the best grandfather I could ever ask for, and I’m happy he got to share his talents with the world.

I would also like to thank the Nexus as well for adding the donation points system, my grandfather managed to save up $294 since 2018 thanks to people loving his mods. This is a huge help in paying for funeral costs, so we are extremely thankful for this.


Finally, just want to say thank you to anyone who exchanged kind words with him, I remember when I was younger, he would always show me people’s nice comments, thank you for being a part of his life.


Edit 07/03/23 - Permission is granted to those who wish to port his mods to console/Updated Skyrim versions or include them in bundled modpacks, provided that it's not monetised, and credit is given.