Super Mario Kart - Battle Course II (1.0 Beta)
Super Mario Kart SNES Battle Course II made made in full 3d for UT3..

Is currently in BETA..

Included custom music, meshes, and materials.
Jetpack (1.2)
This mutator made by Pfhoenix adds a Jetpack pick up to your game. To use the jump pack simply press the jump button and your off! Once you want to stop flying just release you jump button and your good to go. This mutator is definitely going to add a sure fire twist to any map you play in.

~Death Dream~
Miyuki - Sen Torii Scout/Recon
Miyuki is a new female player model for Unreal Tournament who is a scout/recon character. Miyuki features slim, slender armor that allows her to be nimble across the battlefield. She wears only a visor and armor that does not cover her chest. The color of her hair and armor will change depending on the different team she is being used on.

Miyuki is the first character out of four that the author, Mel_Danes, plans to do using the new "Faction" feature in patch 3.1. Mel_Danes plans on adding a whole new team to the game. The Miyuki model is based on the collected manga works of Masamune Shirow and mech designer Yutaka Izubuchi. Right now the model does not have a custom voice or FP arms; this will be added at a later point.

Unreal Tournament females are awesome!
Samus Aran (1.0)
Samus Aran is Metroid's Samus Aran inspired by the Nintendo game series. After nearly a year of development, the model is finally released! Samus Aran is the toughest female bounty hunter in the galaxy, and now you can play as her! She is best known for being stared in the "Metroid" series, also appearing in the "Super Smash Brothers" series. This model is a perfect replica of her and really exemplifies what an expert modeler can make.

To read the author's notes and a mini bio of Samus Aran, please refer to the readme.

This model is fantastic; fans of Samus and other people that do not even know who she is will enjoy this.
WH40k Sister of Battle Player Model (v1.0)

New Player Model for Unreal Tournament III v1.2


Sister of Battle Model based at WarHammer 40.000 Universe

Model Pack contained:

- 1 New Character - Sister of Battle

- 1 Head, 2 Torses, 1 ShoulderPads, 1 Arms, 1 Thigh and 1 Boots unique parts

- 5 New Bots, based at this Models Pack

Model Pack used new "FamilyID" script for unique part customization - ONLY Sister of Battle parts used at New Model

Model Pack tested at Unreal Tourament III v1.2 at Singleplayer and Multiplayer OnLine modes (Duel,DM,TDM,CTF,VCTF,WAR)

New Model placed at Ironguard Group
Metal Sonic
This one was submitted along with Metal Shadow, not sure why it wasn't up sooner, but eh, we're human. Mistakes will be made. You have our sincerest apologies, Xer0392.

Anyway, while the other - Metal Shadow - was a non-canon version of Metal Sonic (sporting Shadow The Hedgehog's red and black color scheme), this time we have the cool blue dude's metal nemesis, appearing in Sonic CD as Eggman's loyal servant, and in Sonic Heroes as the main antagonist, as well as Sonic Rivals 2 as a hero and partner to Shadow The Hedgehog.

While Metal Sonic does appear to be insane - his mission is to become the "true" Sonic by defeating Sonic The Hedgehog, and thus taking his place - it's shown that he does have some logical mental capacity and the capability for open thought, as following his final defeat at Sonic's hands, he remarks that perhaps his mission was misguided and he must now find a new purpose. Metal Sonic later does so by teaming up with Shadow to save the world.

'kay, history lesson over, let's get back to the present.

Obviously, being a first model, this lacks advanced techniques. That's both good and bad. Bad because it's not really a super-duper high-poly masterpiece that you'd show in a gaming museum, but good because less is sometimes more, and simplicity can often look better than complexity.

In this case, more detail would have detracted from the essence of the source material, Sega's designs for Metal Sonic. All these fancy bevels and extrusions and such that people usually associate with robots... well, they would have been wrong. Metal Sonic is Metal Sonic, and Metal Sonic is a good place for beginner modellers to start precisely because he's so simple, even in his official designs. Basically, a wise choice for a first project.

So as basic as the model itself is, it's accurate. It's good that some artistic liberty has been taken, and Xer0392 has put in some custom elements to the design - the guy looks like seven shades of badass. The model could of course use a bit more work; I can see quite a few seams in the mesh just from the screenshot, some elements are a little too blatant (the spikes on the waistline, for a start, could be a little less extruded and look as good), and certain parts look disjointed. Not such a bad thing, there's always room for improvement, and if we had nothing left to learn then we'd basically be dead already.

Texture-wise, the model could also use more work. Honestly, it appears to be flat colors. While that isn't so bad for Sonic games - let's face it, a supersonic blue hedgehog is just cartoony anyway - it seems a little more work could have been done for UT3 purposes. Now, I'm not saying there's no *actual* texture there - just that if there is, it's not noticeable. Tweaking the texture, making it look a little more reflective, maybe add some decals such as nicks and scratches. A little detail can go a long way.

Well, there's a mouthful. Bottom line is, for a first model, Xer0392 did a good job here. I've seen better first models, sure. I've also seen many, many first models that are far worse. What I would like to see is for Xer0392 come back to Metal Sonic and Metal Shadow and update them as his technique improves. Variation is good, UT3 could definitely use some, and it's always nice to see good work done even better as the modder's technique becomes more refined.

If you liked Metal Shadow, you'll like this too. If you like robots, you'll like 'em both. If you just want some variety in your UT3 characters and bots, grab 'em. They're good additions to your mod folder.

The team colors bug is still present, though. If anyone can offer any assistance to Xer0392 in fixing that, fire off an email. Help a newbie out.

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  • added 2 months ago

    We're Hiring: UI Designer/Front End Developer Position

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Update: Thank you to all the applicants and submissions, please note that this position is now filled.

    We're looking for a UI Designer/front end developer to join our team at our office in Exeter, UK. The ideal candidate will be multi skilled with experience working with HTML/CSS/JS for both websites and desktop applications.

    Your primary short term role will be to help design and shape our new desktop application "Vortex" which is replacing the Nexus Mod Manager. This application uses Electron, so the front end is rendered in HTML/CSS/JS.

    In the long term, you'll be the major creative driving f ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 4 months ago

    Staff Picks - 24th May 2017

    posted by BlindJudge Feature
    This week in our Staff Picks - Terrorfox1234 shows he has a heart and looks to rehome an elderly gentleman, SirSalami goes all Hitman and sneaks around Skyrim dressed in the clothes of his enemies, Svariato decides that they are going to begin sinking oils back like they are shots to grant various powers to their characters and weapons, and I go all John Woo and decide that I'm going to run through the Fallout 4 wasteland taking pot shots at the limbs of all those who offend or attack me!

    If you have any comments then please leave them below and if you have any of your own picks then get them ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 4 months ago

    The Great Thumbnail Rebuild

    posted by MrMason Site News
    We have been gearing up for some time to get ready to rebuild the thumbnails for over 2.5 million images that you’ve all uploaded over the years so that they are a much higher quality for the new website design that we've been working on.

    We kicked off this rebuilding process at the start of last week, and it is now complete. The higher quality thumbnails may take some time to filter down through our various CDN providers as they are heavily cached.

    Some of you may have noticed over the last few weeks a few subtle changes that we've made to the way thumbnail images are displayed on the websit ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 4 months ago

    Staff Picks - 17th May 2017

    posted by BlindJudge Feature
    This week we have some cracking picks for you all to take a look at. SirSalami has found an incredible dodge mod for Skyrim that not only adds an ability for you to dodge attacks, but also your enemies. I have a Star Wars based mod from nubyplay that I have had great fun checking out (frazzling enemies with lightning or sending them skyward never seems to get old), Terrorfox1234 has multicolored torches with a variety of uses, and Robbie922004 has come through again yet with a great pick and write up for 'Revenge of the Sleeves' for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

    We love to hear the communities picks so ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 4 months ago

    We have a name! And a Q&A session with Tannin regarding the new mod mana...

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It's been awhile since we mentioned our work on the new mod manager. For a quick recap of "recent" events, back in August 2016 we brought on Tannin (of Mod Organizer fame) to head up work on a completely new mod manager for Nexus Mods. He's been working on it along with the two original NMM programmers ever since.

    Tannin's remit is simple on the surface, we want a mod manager for Nexus Mods that can handle modding for as many games as possible and that can be both simple for newcomers to use while containing (or supporting) all the advanced functionality users have come to expect from mod manag ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 5 months ago

    Staff Picks - 03 May 2017

    posted by BlindJudge Feature
    This week they are all picks from within our Bethesda games. Terrorfox couldn't decide on just one mod, so has actually chosen 4 from the same author, all of which add additional beasties or variants of into your Skyrim game. I have chosen a mod that I think really adds a bit of variety to an otherwise annoying (but necessary) part of gaming - fast travel. SirSalami has also addressed one of his gaming pet-peeves of only being able to save a game from retiring to a bed by looking at a mod that allows far more diversity in save locations. Finally, our community member iMACobra has selected a mo ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 5 months ago

    Staff Picks - 19 April 2017

    posted by BlindJudge Feature
    We’re back and have some brilliant mods for you to take a look at. SirSalami goes back to try out a mod for Morrowind, I check out Elianoras latest Fallout 4 abode, and Terrorfox… well, he just wants some kind of freedom within his Fallout 4 world, our community pick this week adds a lot more content into Skyrim and looks like a great expansion.

    Remember, we love to hear the communities picks so keep them coming by using this handy form.

    Please fill out the form completely and ensure that you add some details about the mod and why you have chosen it (similar to how our community members hav ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 5 months ago

    Staff Picks - 12 Apr 2017

    posted by BlindJudge Feature
    We have some cracking mods again for you this week. Terrorfox1234 has gone back to his chill out game of choice and found a mod that will really appeal to those of you who have played modded Minecraft, SirSalami has a mod that now enables the use of shields to block those heavy attacks and I have found my perfect Red Rocket Settlement mod. Our community still continues to provide us with great choices, this week we have a pick for a fixed UI within FONV and a quest mod with an awesome name. Check them all out.

    Remember, we love to hear the communities picks so keep them coming by using this han ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 6 months ago

    Staff Picks - 5 Apr 2017

    posted by BlindJudge Feature
    Welcome to this week's staff picks, today we bring you a number of different companions, another way of organising your settlements, a mod that allows you to finally buy items that you can see within a shop and some awesome community picks that will extend your game time. Check them out and let us know what you think.

    Remember, we love to hear the communities picks so keep them coming by using this handy form.

    Please fill out the form completely and ensure that you add some details about the mod and why you have chosen it (similar to how our community members have below).  

    Just remember that ...(continue reading the full article)
  • added 6 months ago

    We're Hiring: Web Developer Positions

    posted by Dark0ne Feature
    We're happy to report that both positions listed in this article have now been filled. As such, please don't send us your CV unless you are interested in us keeping it on record for when we are next looking to hire.

    We’re looking for two mid-level to senior web developers to join our team at our new office in Exeter, UK. The ideal candidate will be multi-skilled with experience working on high traffic websites.

    The Role

    You’d be joining our established web team which currently consists of 3 programmers whose primary responsibility is the Nexus Mods website and everything around it. Our stack ...(continue reading the full article)

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