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Hydroworks from Mobile Forces converted to VCTF for UT2004.

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Tonight's entertainment was ment to be somewhere else, but due to a terrible accident involving a redeemer and some radioactive waste containers, we have to shut down that arena for a long, long time. Fortunately, we were able to get a substitute arena quickly, when The Dyson Dam Hydroworks jumped in and kindly provided the location for this evenings battlefield. Enjoy the carnage !!

I don't know if anybody remember the old game Mobile Forces, but it was probably the first Unreal Engine-based game, that introduced vehicles and static meshes. Due to lack of inspiration, I dusted of the old disk and discovered some nice levels, that probably would work well for VCTF and Onslaught. So I decided to remake this awesome level for UT2004.

It's the first time, I try my hand at vehicle gameplay, so it's probably very unbalanced. The assymetric nature of level doesn't help much either, so it's probably best played without bots. But I did my best to make it look good. If anyone have suggestions how to balance and make it play better, please contact me.