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This model pack includes 37 characters from Unreal Championship 2 The Liandri Conflict Xbox Game plus 13 voicepacks and the UC2 Announcer

Permissions and credits
This model pack includes 37 characters from Unreal Championship 2 The Liandri Conflict Xbox Game plus 13 voicepacks and the UC2 Announcer

-Extract UC2FinalRev3.rar to UT2004 Directory


-Original diffuse textures

-Original environment maps

-Original voicepacks (13 main characters)

-Original announcer

-Original bios

-Original skin vertex weight rigging

-Original shaders

-Original Team skins

-Original Emissive/light maps

-Original Specular maps

-Original/Custom portraits

Beta V1

-Initial Release

Beta V1.1 Additions/Updates list:

-Added Malcom

-Added Raiden

-Added Mercenary Anubis

-Added Anubis with no helm

-Added Security Bot

-Added Malcom/Devastation/Raptor/Corrosion/Syzygy Emissive maps

-Added Custom portraits for any character without one

-Reduced Specular level by half on all chars (previous release spec level was extremely high and some chars looked candy coated)

-Changed Nakhti/Skaarj/Necris/Bot character spec maps to originals

Beta V1.2 Additions/Updates:

-Removed hand made team skins

-new 4 color team skins on all characters

-team skins use original textures

-team skins use original alpha channel for combiner/shader


Final V1 Additions/Updates:

-Added Ahket (no head texture)

-Rerigged Bot/Skaarj characters

-Male Bot characters now properly use BotA Anims

-Skaarj characters now properly use SkaarjUT2004 Anims

-Removed Skaarj blades (anims looked weird with them)

-Security Bot portrait added

-Security Bot textures fixed

-Separated Skaarj and Bot chars into separate animation packages

-reduced texture mask sizes to original (no reason to enlarge)

-changed texture mask compression to DXT3

Final V2 Additions/Updates:

-Redid teamskins for every character (previous alpha was incorrect checked original xbox game and now the teamskins match)

-Removed team masks/combiners

-Added UTComp compatible teamskins for every character (Requires manual UPL edit...remove "_Shader" from upl data)

-DXT3 Alpha Compression

-Added Malcom Voicepack

-Rerigged all characters (pivot points better now)

-Added UC2 Announcer (UC2 Fem/MK Announcer combo)

-Added Nali Windstalker Character

-Added Necris Female Character

Final Revision 3 Updates:

-Cleaned up texture package (deleted unused/unecessary items and some renaming)

-Reduced Specular Maps (was still way too high)

-Changed Environment Maps to Cubemap based

-Added Team Emissive Maps (Malcolm/Devastation/Brock/Corrosion/Syzygy)

-Referenced fallback textures for all shaders

-Added some missing bio entries

-Added separate MP specific .upls in System/UC2 MP UPL/ directory (these are the same ones as SP with shader references taken out)

Known issues:

-Ahket head original texture is missing

-Nali Windstalker original texture missing

-Necris Female original texture missing

-Hair/cloth items are not animated and collide with meshes

-Other minor animation issues


-MP not extensively tested

-This is the last revision of this model pack

Software used:

-C-Xbox Tool


-Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 64-bit

-Adobe Photoshop CS4


-Epic Games - Models/Textures

-Gildor - Umodel
This file was archived on Nexus Mods in an effort to save the files that were lost when Game Front shut down in April 2016. As of March 2018, Game Front has now returned with the original staff, including most of the files it originally hosted. With the blessing of the Game Front staff and to ensure a viable backup of these files remains, we'll continue to host these files on Nexus Mods with a link back to the original file on Game Front.