The Abandoned Colony
This file introduces a new aspect to our favorite game UT GOTY. This map is big and also it is a UT GOTY conversion into basically the original Unreal. The readme that is included in the zip file has everything you need to know about installing the map and running it inside UT. Enjoy and EddX keep mapping I look forward to reviewing more of your stuff!

~ Shuyin
This map was apparently a rush project for the AusUT competition, and for a rushed project, I'm actually quite impressed.

The general layout comprises of two towers, one for each team, with a small catacomb area in between. While these catacombs are a tad confusing at first, they do add a lot of tactical ability to the map. The pickups are spread out nicely, giving balanced distribution of weaponry to each side.

The map doesn't have many flaws, but I did see a few. While it's obviously too late in the game for the author to even care, it's in my nature to point out things which could be fixed, so whatever. There were some very seams in the architecture, mostly in the tunnels, which look pretty nasty. A few places have visibly mis-aligned textures. The ambient sounds will go right through you at first, they're loud, annoying and pop up unexpectedly, and bots have a habit of doing stupid things and taking the defensive in vulnerable positions. Minor flaws, true, but things which are still noticeable.

The map provides a good setting for a CTF match with a good challenge level, so if you're one of the people who still runs an online UT CTF server, you might want this in your rotation.

~ Kouen
A simple Unreal Tournament99 death match map with decent bot support at around 8-12. Being Utgardaloke's first real serious map, ever released, he'd appreciate some constructive criticism be that in the design, weapon placement, gameflow, anything!
Overkill Games Bushido map pack (1.1)
Overkill Games first official Unreal Tournament 1999 map pack is about to be unleashed, 11 new maps, 5 music files and even more on the way in the future, looks like Overkill Games will remain here for a long time giving UT fans new maps to crush their enemies.
I doubt there's a person alive who hasn't heard of ChaosUT by now, especially as it was included with UT GOTY Edition.

Anyway, observations aside, let's see what this mod is packin'.

New Weapons:

- Bastard Sword

It's sharp, and deadly. What more can a guy want?

Weapon Slot: 2

Primary Fire: Slash / stab.

Secondary Fire: Guard. This function can also be used to block projectiles.

- Crossbow

A nice, versatile ranged weapon with some melee features. When getting up close and personal, spikes will cause additional damage. The Crossbow also uses three types of bolt. Bear in mind that while the Crossbow can be used as a sniper weapon, the bolts don't move all that fast. The three bolt types are standard, explosive, and poisonous.

Weapon Slot: 4

Primary Fire: Launch bolt.

Secondary Fire: Engage scope.

- Proximity Mines

Everyone loves the Proxy! These little guys will chase down hostiles, spouting sarcastic remarks along the way, before dropping a bombshell - literally.

Weapon Slot: 8

Primary Fire: Throw a proxy, which instantly begins chirping and hunting.

Secondary Fire: Set a proxy to wait in place and ambush enemies.

- The Claw

Good for ripping intestines out and also a good Flak Cannon substitute. Versatile close-range/melee weapon. The Claw can also work as a proxy launcher, giving our little friends some extra range.

Weapon Slot: 1 (melee), 8 (flak cannon/proxy)

Primary Fire: Fire flak ammo/proxies. Rips chunks out of enemies in melee mode.

Secondary Fire: Fire flak grenade (if flak ammo mode is in use). When proxies are armed, use "playerpush", a mode which launches proxies at a very high rate of fire still in their shells. When the speed of the proxy decreases, it will open it's shell the proxy will activate, causing damage and knockback.

- Chaos Sniper Rifle

A large upgrade to the UT classic rifle. This rifle acts very much like it's predecessor, only it uses two types of ammo. The first one is a standard shell, with ricochet capability. The second is Rocket Powered Bullets, which do massive damage but have a low rate of fire and leave a trail.

Weapon Slot: 0

Primary Fire: Fires chosen munition.

Secondary Fire: Activate scope.

- The Vortex

This weapon sucks. No, really, I'm not joking. ...It DOES! Why are you looking at me like that?

The Vortex is a powerful gravitational manipulation device. When launched from it's restrictor unit, you need to get the hell away from it - like, "other side of the map" away - before it pulls in anything in the vicinity. Be careful, however, since the Vortex has no friend/foe recognition.

Weapon Slot: 0

Primary Fire: Throw Vortex.

- Sentry Turret

(Check Readme section for info.)

Weapon Slot: 0

New Items:

- Armor Shard

Gives five extra armor points when collected.

- GravBelt

Gives a thirty second boost to your anti-grav capabilities. It activates on pickup and works for the full thirty seconds. Try it with the GravBoots for best effect!

Other Features:

- Grappling Hook

The grapple hook can be toggled and set to a key in the ChaosUT options menu. It has two modes - stiff and loose. The hook starts off in stiff mode, where it pulls you in, then another keypress lets you swing, before a final keypress releases the cable.

You can also bind a second key to climb the cable in the ChaosUT options.

- Kamikaze

A last-resort attack fueled by 10 or more rockets, this brings a whole new way to be a suicidal maniac. The more rockets you have, the bigger your blast radius. To use the Kamikaze, first press the Kamikaze key (set in the ChaosUT Options menu), and then hit primary fire. Enjoy the view from the Kami-Cam!

- Kick

I don't need to explain this...

- Spawn Protection

Spawn campers no more! This feature gives five seconds of invulnerability after respawning.

- RealLife� Sounds

Because let's face it - no one is ever completely silent.

- Heartbeat

As the adrenaline flows, your pulse races. When your health begins to dwindle you'll hear the effects of this, and so will your foes!

New Maps:

- DM-CUT_Eclipse (2-6 Players)

Author: Eric 'SnowDog' Ettes

- DM-CUT_ProxyKing (4-15 Players)

Author: Jeremy 'Jezz' Wright

- DM-CUT_SkullMoon (6-18 Players)

Author: Jeremy 'Jezz' Wright

- DM-CUT_StorageAlpha (6-16 Players)

Author: Jeremy 'Jezz' Wright

- DM-CUT_TheBellTolls (2-6 Players)

Author: Peter 'Claymore' Nederlof

- DM-CUT_WeaponsOfChaos (2-16 Players)

Author: Eric 'SnowDog' Ettes

- DM-CUT_WeaponsOfWar (2-4 Players)

Author: Eric 'SnowDog' Ettes

- CTF-CUT_ChaosCastles (8-16 Players)

Author: Patrick 'BadKarma' Fitzsimons

- CTF-CUT_Horus (4-16 Players)

Author: Arjan 'Evil Atje' Vroegop

Also included with this mod is the Chrek player model.

Well, there's the rundown. ChaosUT is a highly recommended expansion for UT99, and it's good quality modding from the ground up.

~ Kouen
Unreal tournament bonus map OS (beta)
This file is protected by Overdraft studios and must not be modified or added to another site without our permission:

Engage in two new Deathmatch arenas; Asylum and Compound, up to 8 players can enjoy a taste of the designs of these maps.

Asylum: an old abandon asylum lies empty, with a storm brewing and people dying, you will know what insanity is.

Compound: The Tarydium compound was evacuated after a threat of Necris invasion, ever since the compound is still empty and everything was left as they were before the evacuation.
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