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Classic Lara Croft comes to The Lost Legacy with 4 costumes, 2 optional hairstyles and her iconic red Sunglasses

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What's New
- Tomb Raider's Lara Croft has come to the Western Ghats sporting 4 outfits from her classic era along with two optional hairstyles. The replacements for each outfit are:

City = Cradle of Life
Rural = Classic
Pirate = Nevada
Western = Angel of Darkness

- Nadine is now sporting an outfit that resembles Kurtis'. I know people were wanting an Anaya replacement, but this is called the Classic Edition for a reason.
- The jeep has been changed from red to blue, inspired by The Last Revelations.
- All gear (rope, piton, & flashlight) is hidden.
- All weapons are hidden when holstered, apart from the dual pistols which are always present and grenades.

The Options
Along with the main Classic Edition pack, there are 4 additional mods that you can download that will change Lara's hair and whether she is wearing glasses:

- Braid with Glasses
- Braid without Glasses
- Ponytail with Glasses
- Ponytail without Glasses

By default, the main mod has the Braid without Glasses installed, however I added it as an additional pack so you can swap between each option with ease. Please ensure that you are installing the main mod first before applying one of the options.

1. Download and install Fluffy Mod Manager
2. Place the downloaded .RAR files inside: Games\UC4\mods
3. Using the mod manager, install the main mod.
4. (OPTIONAL) Install one of the optional hair/glasses mods.
5. With the game open, in graphical settings change Textures/filtering to high or ultra. If you're experiencing red eyes at a distance, turn DLSS on (doesn't matter which option).
5. Play.

With the available modding tools and processes, the mod comes with a few limitations and bug's that I haven't been able to fix.

- There are texture issues with TLL which I haven't been able to fix from a mod perspective. Make sure these Graphical settings are used: DLSS = on (doesn't matter which option) and Textures/filtering = high or ultra. I didn't experience any further issues, however if you're are try setting Ambient occlusion = low. All other graphical settings can be what you want. (Credits to art360 for testing).
NOTE: DLSS doesn't need to be used, but for some reason the game changes the eye texture when moving further away from Lara. It's not a huge issue since usually she's too far away to notice, but just be aware.
- For some reason, the Cradle of Life outfit wants to revert to the vanilla textures during the first 2 Chapters including the prologue. When you reach Chapter 3 Homecoming, the textures will work as intended. The only work around I could find for this is by choosing either the 'Western' or 'Pirate' outfit from the bonus menu, then switch back to the 'City' outfit. Unfortunately the bonus outfits option is only unlocked once you complete the game. COL Textures will always be distorted in the model gallery. If this is your first playthrough, then either wait until Chapter 3 Homecoming to play or just bear with the weird textures.
- In the one of the last few cutscenes where Lara and Sam use the switch to change the train tracks, the game will crash midway through due to not liking an edited mesh. The only work around is to skip the cutscene as soon as it starts or uninstall the mod for the cutscene. I recommend just skipping it as it only goes for about 20 seconds and doesn't really cover any content.
- Occasionally the flashlight and holstered pistol on Lara's hips and holstered rifle on her back will appear (mainly around some cutscenes). This is the game forcing those skeleton bones back into their original positions and can't be fixed. Luckily it only happens a few times throughout the game.
- The piton (rock climbing tool) that is obtained in the Shiva Fort during the Western Ghats chamber is invisible. The only way I could hide the gear from Lara's body was to delete it from the game, and it has to be hidden otherwise it clips awkwardly through her body.
- Braid/ponytail occasionally clips through the backpack. Physics and collision editing is currently not possible, so I did the best I could with what we've got.

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