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This mod is now obsolete - custom music is a natively supported feature.

Ever wanted to override the intro, loop, and end themes for Cybergrind with a playlist of randomly selected sets of music? Doesn't matter either way - this will let you do it. Great for crossporting battle/match music from other games!

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Obsolescence Notice:
This feature is now officially implemented into ULTRAKILL, and thus I no longer seek to maintain this mod. It will remain on-site for historical purposes and/or for users running older versions of the game for whatever reason.

Original Description:
Custom Cybergrind Music is an extension onto default Cybergrind assets with only a couple slight limits.

How it works:
The mod will create the instructions.txt file and the music directory for you on startup, so if you forget, check your game directory!

When the mod starts, it creates a new "Music" directory in your Cybergrind folder (if it doesn't already exist, and by the way, this is the same folder that you put Textures and Patterns in). Within this folder you can create subfolders, each representing a selectable song for The Cybergrind. The folders may contain intro.wav, loop.wav, and outro.wav to replace the intro, main loop, and end screen music respectively. This makes it particularly good for replacing it with music from other battle games.