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Mod to the OG Multiplayer including SUPERHOT gamemode - time moves only when players move. Unlocks fps, adds new weapons, new gamemodes, many admin commands and custom server configs (double jump, cutom character sizes, configurable weapons and many more). It also implements a lot of before-unused content eg. shooting singleplayer AI weapons in MP.

Permissions and credits
YouTube presentation of some features of the mod:

This mod is for the original PC Turok 2 Multiplayer (1999 one, not "remaster" - Nightdive's T2 Multiplayer is very different than the OG). It allows to configurate server in many different ways that allow you to create your own custom gamemodes. It also introduces many custom admin commands that allow to do crazy stuff on the server in real time.

Examples of custom game modes:
-SUPERHOT (Time moves only when players on the server move)
-Gungame (You kill you get new weapons) -
-TF2 Mod (Each character in the game has settings inspired by the classes in TF2)
-Humans vs monsters (Some characters are turned intro big monsters with special powers/weapons)

Other features:
-Unlocked FPS, reduced input lag, better mouse movement
-New weapons: some ported from singleplayer, some from N64 version, some new custom ones (razor wind, tranquilizer gun, sunfire pod, P.F.M. layer (mines), AirStrike, DinoRidingGun and more).
-You can enable water weapons (torpedo, harpoon) on the surface or even flame thrower in water.
-Cosmetics / cool efects that can be set by server admin ( Potentially could be won in tournaments or temporarily during the game.
-New console (~) commands for everyone: set weaponfov, set camerafov, fov (max fov is now 135), spectate, fpsmax, set weaponsize
-Admin commands: now you can have admins/moderators on your server with ability to kick players and change level and many more. (kick, set level, and many more - full list bellow)
-Ability to balance weapons (so it's no longer only plasma) - thx to many configurable options for server host - custom damage, custom drops, custom weapons, and few more custom server settings...
-Mini-games: eg. Fight in the dark (admin can enable/force blackout for every player), Big-head mode, Stickman mode and more
-Custom characters: editable size (height, thickness, length), speed, height of jump, custom starting weapons for every single character.

Admin commands:
  • server control (Lists commands allowing to change some server settings)
  • player control (Lists commands that can be executed on a selected player)
  • cosmetics (Lists commands related to special effects)
  • weapon commands (Lists commands related to weapons)
  • cheats (Lists commands related to built-in cheats)
  • time machine (Lists commands related to time/speed)
  • presets (Lists custom commands that can execute preset settings)
  • reset mod (Reset mod to default server settings)

Commands that allow you to change some server settings:
  • set level (Change the level. To see the list of levels, type "levels")
  • remap (Fast-reload current map without reseting stats)
  • set (frag/point/time)limit (Set new level end conditions, e.g. set fraglimit 20)
  • set size/starthp (Set size or start HP of the selected character)
  • damage (Set the damage multiplier)
  • node (Set the node multiplier)
  • news (Display any announcement in chat)
  • statstext (Change the "PLAYER STATS" text in the [F1] menu)
  • countdown (Start the countdown and optionally run a command when it's over)
  • config (Load online config from specified website)
  • cfgcmd (Load single config command)

Commands that can be executed on a selected player:
  • tids (See the list of players on the server with the mod running and their unique id)
  • set frags/pain/deaths/hp (Set the selected stat to the selected player)
  • force spect (Block everyone or selected player in observer mode)
  • force respawn (Respawn everyone or selected player - cancels the command above)
  • kick (Kick the selected player from the server)
  • tempadmin (Nominate a selected player as a temporary admin)

Commands that allow you to set special effects:
  • set flare (Give each or a selected player a flare gun with a specific effect)
  • flare (Set flare just for yourself)
  • sfx (Play selected sfx to everyone on the server)
  • lector (Play chosen voiceover line to everyone on the server)
  • anim (Perform character animation - custom deaths etc)
  • replace anim (Replace selected anim with another - eg you can change the death animation)
  • fake death (Change the playing dead animation)
  • frag flare/sfx (Set flare/sfx fired on a frag)
  • death flare/sfx/anim (Set flare/sfx/anim fired on a death)
  • respawn flare/sfx (Set flare/sfx fired on a respawn)
  • frag/death/respawn flare/sfx 0 (Remove all flares/sfx attached to the selected event)
  • effectssize (Sets size of some effects - bullets/flares)

Commands that allow you to set selected (built-in) "cheats" for players on the server:
  • blackout (Makes it dark on the server)
  • bigheadmode (Makes head of every player big)
  • bighandsfeetmode (or 'biggunsmode') (Makes feet and guns of every player big)
  • blackscreen (Blocks visibility - all you can see is black screen)
  • stickmode (Everyone turns into stickman)
  • gouraudmode (Instead of textures shows models in colorfull way)
  • frootystripes (Acid trip ;p - makes textures colorfull)
These "cheats" can be applied to everyone currently on the server or to a specific player.

Commands that allow you to set selected weapons for players on the server:
  • set weapon (Give each or a selected player a specificed weapon and/or ammo)
  • set startweapon (Same as above, only the weapon will not be removed upon death)
  • weapon (Shorter version of the command above)
  • single weapon (The specificed weapon will be the only starting weapon, the rest will be removed)
  • clear startweapons (Remove all starting weapons except pistol and warblade)
  • reset startweapons (Reset starting weapons to default server settings)
  • weapons (Lists weapon ids)

Commands that allow you to control time or set speed of certain things:
  • bulletspeed (Sets custom speed of bullets/flares)
  • cloudsspeed (Sets custom speed of clouds)
  • pickablesspeed (Sets custom rotation speed of picables on the ground - weapons, ammo, hp)
  • movementspeed (Allows additional scaling of the movement speed of players)
  • quakereduction (Some weapons cause earth quake, the lesser the value is the more shaky the game will be.)
  • superspeed (Sets bulletspeed, cloudsspeed and pickablesspeed at the same time)
  • superhotspeed (Same as above but can also change movementspeed & quakereduction depending on superhot settings)
  • superhot 1 (Time moves only when you move - unsynchronized version)
  • superhot 2 (Time moves only when players around you move - more synchronized version)
  • superhot 3 (Time moves only when each player moves - anarchy version)
  • superhot settings (List commands to control the superhot mode)

The command "presets" lists custom commands that I can remotely add to the mod, and these commands when called execute custom server configs, for example there is command "gungame" which activates the gun race mode.

Do you like my mod? Consider buying my game on Steam - it's not even $1 but means a lot to me!