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New zooms include "First Person View" and "Very Zoomed Out"
Default zoom selection is not exciting. This provides players with more variety.

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This mod only affects the camera when the player has control of their camera. There are no changes to zoom during cutscenes or forced camera angles (side scrolling parts).

To fix camera height and other issues in First Person View, see my other mod Camera FOVs and Tweaks.

Choose one download.
Put the pak file in "\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Trials of Mana\Trials of Mana\Content\Paks\~mod"

Default Camera Zoom Values
0.85 = Zoomed in
0.925 = Med. Zoomed in
1.0 = Normal
1.075 = Med. Zoomed out
1.15 = Zoomed out

Camera Zoom Mod Values (Vers. 0.2)
0.0 = Zoomed in (First Person)
0.5 = Med. Zoomed in 
1.0 = Normal (No change)
1.5 = Med. Zoomed out 
2.0 = Zoomed out (Very far zoom out)

Camera Zoom Mod Values (Vers. 0.1)
0.0 = Zoomed in (First Person)
0.85 = Med. Zoomed in (Formerly Zoomed in)
1.0 = Normal (No change)
1.15 = Med. Zoomed out (Formerly Zoomed out)
2.0 = Zoomed out (Very far zoom out)

Camera Zoom Mod (Exponential version) Values
0.01 = Zoomed in (First Person)
0.1 = Med. Zoomed in (Close behind character))
1.0 = Normal (No change)
10.0 = Med. Zoomed out (Bird eye view)
100.0 = Zoomed out (View from Stratosphere)