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About this mod

This mod intends to let players have full control over every enemy stat modifier in the game, and more!

Mod is WIP and modifiers are not set in stone. Please share feedback in Discord if you have some!

Permissions and credits
Types of Mania

This mod offers the ability to add a multiplier to modify nearly any enemy stat in the game and has an easy-to-use UI or config file.

Party Builder

Interested in a party builder to go along with your higher difficulty? Check out my party builder here!


* Supports a config file (config/config.yml) which can be edited/shared to make creating custom builds more easily
* Supports more stats (full listing below)
* Supports specific enemy overrides
* Supports ranges of enemy overrides
* Can automatically install to your Trials of Mana ~mod directory
* Has a flexible CLI (command line interface) that mirrors the config.yml fields

Default Stat Changes

The default stat changes mirror rollcall's mod, but other stats are untested.

Base Stats:

* HP -> 200%
* MP -> 100%
* ATK -> 150%
* DEF -> 100%
* AGI -> 120%
* INT -> 150%
* SPR -> 150%

Secondary Stats:

* Exp -> 80%
* Lucre -> 100%
* Drop Rate (Item 1) -> 100%
* Drop Rate (Item 2) -> 100%
* Drop Rate (Item 3) -> 100%

Other Stats:

* Guard Durability -> 100%
* Break Bar Durability -> 100%
* OffMag -> 130%
* DefMag -> 130%

SPP Stats:

* DropSpp -> 100%
* KnockoutDropSpp -> 100%
* LAttackDropSpp -> 100%
* ChargeAttackDropSpp -> 100%

Default Usage

Copy TypesOfMania_P.pak to your ~mod folder. It is probably located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Trials of Mana\Trials of Mana\Content\Paks\~mod.

Custom Usage

First, you'll need to get UnrealPak.exe. You can get that from this link.

Second, you'll need to put that next to the types-of-mania-win.exe file.

Then, you can run the CLI with any arguments (detailed below), but by default, you can run the exe file and it will create a .pak file in build/pak/${version}

CLI Arguments

The CLI allows you to specify custom overrides without messing with config.yml
It is very flexible, and lets you specify any key/subkey as follows:

--version will just print the current version of the app.
--dumpData will dump monster names and item names.
--config <config.yml> will load a config from a specified path. 
  Default: config/config.yml.
* --pakName <pakName> will designate the output `.pak` file name. Default: TypesOfMania_P.
--unrealPak <UnrealPak.exe> will search for UnrealPak.exe in the specified path. 
  Default: buildtools/UnrealPak.exe or UnrealPak.exe.
--seed <num> will set the RNG seed for randomizing. Default: completely random.
--installTo <path> will automatically move the completed pak to your ~mod folder. 
  Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Trials of Mana.
--global.<stat> <multiplier> will set the global stat multiplier to multiplier.
--boss.<stat> <multiplier> will set the boss stat multiplier to multiplier.
--monster.<stat> <multiplier> will set the monster stat multiplier to multiplier.
--shinju.<stat> <multiplier> will set the shinju stat multiplier to multiplier.
--part.<stat> <multiplier> will set the part stat multiplier to multiplier.

The valid stat keys you can set can be found in config.yml.

Custom config.yml Changes

Outside of simple categories like boss and enemy, there is also a specific block in config.yml which supports custom overrides for specific monsters and ranges of monsters.
For example, if you do this:

    exp: 10

It will make creatures with the id matching MAGICIAN_LV16 give 10x their normal exp. This can be expanded in a more powerful way, like so:

    hp: 0.8

This is a regular expression, which in this case, means it applies to multiple enemies. This particular expression means anything that says "lv0,lv1,lv2,lv3,lv4,lv5,lv6,lv7,lv8,lv9" - which means it will match any enemy whose level is less than 10 (and make their HP 80%). We can apply this again to get creatures for levels 10-19 like so:

    hp: 3

This will apply to all enemies that have Lv10 through Lv19 in their internal name, and make their HP 300%.

Please note that not all enemies have Lv in their internal name, so this method captures a lot of creatures, but isn't fool-proof.

You can also capture enemies by their internal id. Here are some examples:

  ENEMYBOSS_01_01: # first FullmetalHugger fight
 hp: 3
  ENEMYBOSS_01_02: # second FullmetalHugger fight
 hp: 4
  ENEMYBOSS_01_03: # third FullmetalHugger fight
 hp: 5

This would scale the FullmetalHugger creatures HP progressively with each fight.

Using a different syntax, instead of multiplying the creatures stat, you can instead set it to a specific value. As an example:

exp: @1000

This would set the MAGICIAN_LV16 creature to always give exactly 1000 experience on kill.

GitHub Repository

The GitHub repo has more information as well as more frequent releases.


Join the Trials of Mana modding Discord to share your feedback.