Trials of Mana
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  • New Game Plus Tool

    New Game Plus Tool

    This tool will allow you to change the difficulty (including Expert/No Future on a regular new game,
    or to change to No Future on an existing save), set the new game plus flag, set your lucre to zero,
    and remove sections of your inventory to increase the challenge or to get a cleaner start on a new game plus. 

    Note: Be careful with the new v1.1.0 game patch. There are reports that it can cause inventory corruption when
    changing difficulties in the options menu. All the more reason to use this tool to do it for you. It seems a v1.1.1
    patch is planned to fix this. Some mod creators may be holding off on updates until it's released.

    v1.2 Update:

    - Added Playtime option. You can change it manually, or ...