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This mod aims to offer players a more challenging experience in Trials of Mana by making enemies more of a threat and harder to take down. All enemy stats are increased by a specified amount.

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**UPDATE ON ME: I won't be updating my mods going forward. Feel free to post about any issues but I won't promise any fixes to it. The source code for my mods is still up at if anyone wants to fork it and improve it, feel free. Thanks!

This mod is created with a Python script that multiplies each of the enemy's stats by a specified amount.

Adjustments can be customized based on types of enemies (bosses, boss adds, etc.) or for a particular boss/enemy alone.

Stats changed with multipliers are as follows (as of 0.5)

* NOTE: agi, int, and spr have been removed since they don't appear to be used by enemies (they are set to 0 in the game's files by default)

hp: 2 (doubled)  
atk: 1.5    
def: 1 (original value) 
luck: 1.2  
defMag: 1.2
offMag: 1.2
# exp gained from enemies and stats for adjusting CS points (the blue crystals) gained
exp: 0.8
dropSpp: 1
KnockOutDropSpp: 0.8
LAttackDropSpp: 0.8
ChargeAttackDropSpp: 1

# Lucre amount dropped; item drop chances
DropLuc: 1
itemDrop1: 1
itemDrop2: 1
itemDrop3: 1
My guess is that they deal with how easy it is to stun bosses
Leave at 1 unless you want to test their effects for yourself :)
downDurable: 1
guardDurable: 1

- I was afraid 0.3+ would get flagged by some AVs. It seems to be pretty common among other mods I've tried with an included .exe file. I used Pyinstaller to package the '' script into an executable file. If it would bring any peace of mind, that script can be viewed freely at the github repo here:

1. Create a folder called "~mod" in "..\Trials of Mana\Content\Paks" if you haven't already
2. See included README.txt if there is one, place relevant .pak file from the downloaded zip file in that folder