Trackmania: Nations

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Jagulars brings you a set of nine unusual tracks of variable length from 20 seconds to 4 minutes with emphasis on finding the balance between reckless and cautious driving, punishing the player for too much of either. Tracks are designed with variety as the focus without one perfect driving style. All tracks have been extensively tested and tuned.

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While playing these tracks you will witness the multiple layers of design that create space for replayability and shifting driving strategies. Every time a driver faces a track, he learns more about it and finds new ways to perform. Many of the tracks allow force player to make choices between easy but less rewarding way and hard but more rewarding way. Typically the best player is not the most skilled player but the player who knows best his own skill level and makes choices appropriate to his own level. Often these choices are obvious such as choosing between more than one route while other times they happen on subconscious level and have an impact that you have to realize yourself to grow to a better driver. There are also times when the player has to gauge themselves what is a good enough performance, without a clear benchmark, as he throttles towards the perfect time that may not be what he thought it was.

Up to eight different types of players have been involved in testing and the variety of the tracks breaks even a stone-set hierarchy of player-skill. One type of player may excel at one track and fall behind in another, and the true winner remains uncertain until the very finale.