Total War: ATTILA

This version comes with a complete Rohan faction, a revamped Tier 3 for Mordor, tweaks for other factions, a few Rohan maps, some Gondorian maps, an optimization, balancing and faction icons overhaul.



- Rohan major and minor settlements and keeps (siege map);
- Dunharrow (siege map);
- Port of Linhir (siege map);
- Tarnost (siege map);
- South Ithilien (ambush and land map);
- Improvement of Edoras map.

New faction:
- Rohan (completed)


- Tier 3 Mordor units visual rework;

- Custom Generals: Théoden (Knights of the House of Eorl), Théodred (Knights of the House of Eorl), Éomer (Knights of the Mark);

Tier 1
- Mustered Spears;
- Mustered Axes;
- Mustered Archers;
- Scouts of Rohan;

Tier 2
- Esquires of Rohan;
- Axe Theigns;
- Sword Theigns;
- Riders of Rohan;
- Yeomen of the Mark;
- Éored of the Eastfold;
- Éored of the Westfold;
- Éored of the Eastfold;

Tier 3
- Eorling Men-At-Arms;
- Knights of the Mark;
- Garrison of the Hornburg;

Tier 4
- Guards of the Golden Hall;
- Knights of the House of Eorl.


- Balance system overhauled, including but not limited to: General battle rules, Battle morale system, Elven, undead, berserker and Cavalry unit sizes changed, Various stat changes, and equipment corrections, Cavalry health tweaked, Weapon damage overhauled, Cavalry entries overhauled, Missile weapons changed, Elven supply units added.


- New faction banners;
- Improved Unit Cards for Dale, Isengard, Mordor, Dol Guldur and Easterlings;
- New UI for Elves.


- Weather pack enchanted;
- New LOD models for every unit, which means massive FPS boost in battle;
- New axe animation;
- New axe infantry category added;
- New head models from ToB;
- Dale textures fixed;
- Other bug fixes.


Rise of Mordor must always be the first in the load order. In addition, your game must also be in ENGLISH or else you will risk crashing during battles. Also, turn off your antivirus program if you use Norton, McAfee, Free Antivirus or Window Defender, if you experience any crashes with Rise of Mordor - they might interfere with Attila's mods.

Step 0: Preparation
- Up-to-date version of Total War: Attila. We cannot guarantee the mod functions on a cracked version.
- All other versions of Rise of Mordor must be removed to avoid any confusion or difficulties.

Step 1: Downloading
- Download the file from either NexusMods or ModDB. Note: there is a 0.01% chance that your download will corrupt if you do anything else. Do not take any risks, do not use the internet with your computer whilst downloading it. Start downloading, and wait. Just to be sure;
- We do not update through Steam due to policy/legality reasons. Any Rise of Mordor you find there is not authentic and should always be avoided! Seriously, you do not want to mess with CA's or any entity's copyright claims on intellectual property.

Step 2: Installing
- Once downloaded, extract the FOUR .pack files and the pictures with your unpacking programs (WinRar, 7z, etc.) from your .rar file to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Attila\data (stop here!). If you are uncertain, go to your desktop, right-click the Steam icon there and select "open file location" to find out where Steam is on your PC.
- Double-check. Go to your hard drive, follow the path ( Program Files (x86)\Steam\etc. ) and check if Rise of Mordor and its accompanying picture is in Total War Attila\data;

Step 3: Launching to Play

- Open Attila. Press the "Mod Manager" button - you will find the mod there. Tick the box in the top left-hand corner;
- Tick the box "Enable out-of-date mod". Absolutely paramount. It will not work if you have not ticked this box;
- Press play, and have fun with Rise of Mordor!

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