Torchlight II
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High damage, low defence magic ranged class.

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The Gunmage is a gun using class adept at shooting magic at people. 
At high levels a Gunmage can literally cover the battlefield in a sea of fireballs, lightning bolts, shock orbs, flame pillars ,more shock orbs... 
Gunmages have 3 sets of skills: 

- The Best Of You 
Which contains self buff that increase the Gunmage's base abilities, such as 
Powerslave: Increases Atk. Power of the caster and his/her companions 
Hysteria: Increases Atk. Speed of the caster and his/her companions 
Walk: Increases Speed of the caster and his/her companions 
Battle Hymn: Increases caster's Atk. Speed, Speed and Atk. Power for a short period of time 
Prophecy of Wind: Increases caster's Atk. Speed, Speed and Crit. Dmg while decreasing Armor and HP 
Prohpecy of Fie: Increases caster's Atk. Power, Armor and HP while decreasing Atk. Speed and Speed 

- Feuer frei! 
Which contains the Gunmage's projectile abilities, such as: 
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Shoots a fireball 
Shoot to Thrill: The Gunmage shoots multiple shock bolts that bounce off the enemy 
Magic Bullet: The Gunmage shoots a magic bullet that hits enemies multiple times 
Ride the Lightning: The Gunmage shoots an accellerating Orb of lightning that pierces thru enemies 
Firestarter: The Gunmage fires a fireball that fires fireballs. 
Thunderstruck: The Gunmage shoots an orb of lightning that travels in a serpentine way while discharging electricity 
Eruption: A continued skill that has the Gunmage shoot multiple fireballs tha roam he area and bounce off enemies 
Heaven's on Fire: The Gunmage shoots a tracker that spawns multple flame pillars on the enemy 
Do The Evolution: The Gunmage shoots a single orb of lightning that generates 2 orbs once it hits the enemy, these orbs also generate 2 orbs each when they hit the enemy, at max level this skill alone can generate 2^6-1 lightning orbs 

- Outer Science 
Which contains utilities such as: 
King Crimson: a glyph that burns the area it's summoned in 
White Album: a glyph that freezes the area it's summoned in 
Purple Haze: a glyph that pulls eneies towards it 
N.I.B. : an ugly fairy that roams the area while shooting multiple projectiles at the enemy 
The Passenger: shoots a bullet that turns an enemy into a moving projectile generator 
Ticket to Ride: teleports the caster in a random direction 
Earth, Wind & Fire: summons a pillar that generates tornadoes and fireballs