Torchlight II

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Change a lot of things and stuffs. I hope u'd like it.

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version 1.1
What would this mod do?
A:This mod just changes some statistic of the original gameplay system. It will increase the difficulty of experiencing the game in some way as well as the fun of growing stronger. The reward will be more valuable because quest is more like a challenge at all if you use "harder patch".
What would this mod specifically do?
A: Era Greatly Overhaul aims at changing some statistic to make a difference to the gameplay. In some way, it decreases the experience difficulty. Here are some details:
①Exp *3; 
 At first, I did not want to make level up so easy. But since Monsters' Armor all times 1.8(only in elite stage, 'cause I do not want to spoil the fun in all stages), low level means less hope of survival and requires too much of your controlling skills. So I set up this to free you from boring cage (K.F.E kill for exp).[PS: Get your first quest will instantly level up, so take your good choice.]
②More gold &unique items.
Increase the amount of gold found and magic-finding luck. It would be easy to get many unique types of equipment in early stage. So, identify scrolls will be greatly in need. If you are desperately lacking gold, you could just buy normal stuffs and sell them [A Purposeful Bug. LOL].
③Block chance *1.5.
If you don't use a shield at all, it will definitely increase the difficulty.
④2 skill points per level & per fame. 12 stat points per level.
I think this will be enough or...a bit more.
These are the changes in general. I also took a look at affixes and enchanters. In order to make the survival, I changed a lot of stuffs about the enchantment:
①add six new enchanters;
②most of enchanters can enchant 20 times, the price is cheaper;
③can make five sockets max;
④the value of enchanting affixes all rise;
♯♯PS: I had made a challenge that the most powerful enchanter hidden and waiting to be summoned. Use 50 identify scrolls to combine for a unique scroll("hell or heaven"). Defeat the hidden bosses and get the scroll. [Suggestion: Use it when you think you are powerful enough to face it and BEST NOT IN TOWN.]♯♯
As for items, I had made a lot of efforts about the adjustment of affixes, which made no more rubbishy unique items(gems,equipments etc.)[In the meantime, some sets would be much more valuable.]
I also added several potions that could be used in a recipe.
Besides, there are some recipes changed and no death punishment and MORE details in the game to find.
version 1.2
fixed some bugs;
NG +8;
max level 125;
make identify spell,waypoint spell, poinsoncloud spell;
add enchanter of augmenting weapon;

It should be compatible with other mods. If you find some bugs, pls let me know or contact me : [email protected] Thx.