Torchlight II
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This mod allows you to play as a werewolf.

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This mod allows you to play as a werewolf. You can equip weapons and armor, tho weapons and armor will not show on your werewolf. Also when equipping weapons the normal werewolf attack animation will display. Currently you can equip all weapons except ranged and staff weapons. Shields will equip as well but will only show an attack animation on the arm that has a weapon equipped. I highly recommend not using shields and only using claw based weapons. At the moment the playable werewolf is black, tho in the future I plan on releasing different color playable werewolves or a werewolf color pack.

This mod uses a skill tree made by Zeunchainn for his Monster hero (v.119) mod which can be found here ......
It's a great mod that adds several playable monster classes and new pets.
Thanks go to Zeunchainn for allowing me to use his skill tree!

Please let me know if the werewolf is overpowered, underpowered or you encounter any bugs.
And yes this mod does work with Synergies.

Also to get past the "No Quest Rewards for Custom Classes" bug please use DarkStar's Generic Rewards - Multi classmod fix! (v.4) which can be found here ....

Future plans: New or altered skill tree that has elements and skills borrowed from the berserker class.