Torchlight II

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This mod adds a new weapontype: Rifles!

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This mod adds a new weapontype: Rifles!
It adds a new reload-mechanic to them. This is done in the following way:
-The rifles can not attack normally (they have a range of 0 so if you try you'll walk into melee-distance)
-Instead theres a new skill called "regular attack" to shoot
-this skill doesn't cos any mana but is bound to a new resource, ammo
-You have 8 shots and using "regular attack" takes one (shots are displayed in a new bar next to your charge bar)
-A second skill, "reload", refills those shots

To balance around those limitations rifles have pretty hight damage and regular shot has a very high range (from 13 to 20). Because the game considers the rifles, crossbows, the skills also work with crossbows. This is not intended, but theres not much I can do about it.

For the moment the mod adds 22 normal rifles (the outlander starts with one), 24 magic rifles, 21 placeholder uniques and 1 legendary.
If you have ideas for rifle names or unique rifles you can leave them in the comments. If you have ideas for any other improvements, just leave them here aswell.

Hope you enjoy!

v.1:Added 1 normal 24 magic and 1 legendary rifle for the Outlander.

Made Rifles available for every standard class.
added 21 more normal rifles and 21 placeholders for uniques.