Torchlight II
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This is a simple mod that increases the size of each stash to have 10 pages per category. While there are similar mods already available, I found that they either had unwanted extra features or were made without GUTS, and in the latter case the mods were often uploaded to the Workshop by someone other than the original author. Not wanting to risk having problems later on, I decided to make my own mod. 

This mod only affects the player stash and shared stash, and has no effect on player or pet inventories. There are minimal changes made to the UI, just two buttons added for changing pages and a small bit of text to show you which page you're on. I have no plans to add any other features to this mod. 

I've done my best to test this mod properly, and have not had any instances of item loss from adding the mod to an existing character. That said, as always, you should BACK UP YOUR SAVE FOLDER before installing this mod as a precautionary measure. Use of this mod is at your own risk, and though I don't expect it to cause any problems there's likely nothing I can do to help you if something does go wrong. 

I hope you enjoy the mod! If you experience any problems with it, let me know in the comments and I'll try to look into it. 

If you'd like to see a video of the mod in action, check out N3KIO's mod spotlight on YouTube here: