Torchlight II
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None of the Mods Below were made by me, but I did make this Modpack . 
All due respect and credit to the Original Mod Authors for creating great mods! 
        Mods : 
- Ultimate Boss Chests by Warhead -
- [Golden Chest] with Uniques (v.1) by Hene -
- Abysm (v.486) by LarvaLounge -
- Anonanon's Bar HUD by Chalie Cyprus -
- Boss Pets by Lone Wolf McQuade -
- Lost Spirit Merchant by Lone Wolf McQuade -
- Classy Classes by Wolven -
- Exp & Fame x2 by Silver -
- Ember Gem Upgrade (v.10) by Kriss_gjeng -
- General Passives by Quelex -
- Sockets (v.31) by Bandit -
- More Skill and Stat Points! (v.4) by Toasterific -
- Tiered Passives (v.9) by shortswordsmanfromthewest -
- Unlimited Enchanter...well sort of (v.53) by Tiny -
- Skill Allocation Level One (v.0) by [STD]Random Lead -